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A Selection of Our Cheeses


An earthy flavour with garlic hints due to the quality of the ingredients. Made in Normandy using unpasteurised cow’s milk and is best served at room temperature.

Cave Aged Cheddar

A moist and creamy cheddar, with a nutty and tangy taste.It is made in the traditional way and matured in the caves of wooky-hole.

Cave Aged Gruyere

A smooth, nutty Swiss mountain cheese that is matured for at least 10 months in caves for a greater depth of flavour.


a soft rind washed cheese made using pasteurised cow’s milk in the south west of France in St Antoine. It has a smooth, supple, springy texture with a rich and… read more →

Cheshire Cheese

A Classic Cheese that dates back to roman times, it has a firm crumble texture when its young which matures into a full-flavoured cheese with out bitterness.


A unique tart and earthy flavoured goat’s cheese made across France.

Chilli Marble

A continental style, semi soft creamy cheese derived from Saint Giles, infused with Chilli. Perfect when melted over Chicken or a Steak.

Colliers Cheddar

A powerful welsh cheddar with a uniquely balanced powerful savory and sweet flavour, without the sharpness that some cheddar’s have.


a French cheese produced in the Jura Massif region, made from unpasteurised cow’s milk. The main flavours delicately linger taste of a balance of brown butter and roasted nut with… read more →

Cornish Blue

a sweet, mild and creamy cheese of distinctive character made at Stansfield Farm, Bodmin Moor.

Delice De Bourgoyne

a triple creamed soft cheese with a rich, full flavour and smooth, velvety texture. It is a subtle cheese with depth and body.

Devon Blue

a moist and crumbly blue cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk on the banks of the river Dart.


a soft Italian blue cheese that is sweeter and milder than Gorgonzola. Its name means Sweet milk.

Dorset Red

a naturally smoked cheese with a velvety texture and oaky tones.

Double Gloucester

a firm closed textured cheese with clean, mellow buttery taste. As it ages the flavour becomes nuttier.

Duddleswell Organic

A medium strength mature hard sheeps milk cheese with a creamy texture and nutty flavour.

Duddleswell Smoked

A naturally smoked ewes milk cheese with a creamy texture and nutty flavour.


a mild delicately flavoured cheese with a smooth and creamy texture, made in a distinctive red waxed ball and named after the Dutch port town.


a creamy flavoured cheese with fruity aromas and sweet tones of fresh hay.

Exmoor Blue

a buttery flavoured cheese with strong tangy blue veining, made from Jersey milk to ensure a creamy texture.

Five Counties

a mixed cheese with layers of cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Cheshire and Darby.


a cheese from the Val d’Aosta, high in the Alps; it has a delicate nutty, almost honeyed flavour similar to a Swiss gruyere but sweeter and more buttery with a… read more →


an un-pressed firm cheese with a medium strength and well rounded flavour. It is made by the High Weald Dairy in Horsestead Keynes West Sussex.

Ginger Spice

a strong and creamy cheddar mixed with pieces of ginger. It is made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company in north Wales.

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