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A Selection of Our Cheeses

St George

a camembert style cheese made with goats milk, it is matured for 2 weeks and has a mild flavour when its young that develops as it ages and runs. It… read more →

St Giles

an organic cow’s milk cheese with a semi-soft creamy texture. It is made by the High Weald Dairy and is named after the church in the village; it has a… read more →

Stiltion Apricot

White Stilton with dried apricots that has a mild fresh flavour with a sweet fruity addition.

Stilton Mango & Ginger

a white stilton with refreshing mango pieces and spicy crystallised ginger.

Stilton- Colston Bassatt

a smooth creamy textured stilton with a mellow flavour and no sharp acidic taste.

Stilton- Cropwell Bishop

a classic blue veined cheese with a rich tangy flavour and a soft velvety texture that is aged for 12 weeks.

Stinking Bishop

a full fat pasteurised cow’s milk cheese that is rind washed in perry which gives it its characteristic flavour and pungent Smell.

Sussex Blue

a smooth and creamy hard cheese with small blue veins giving a mild blue flavour; made in Mayfield by the Alsop and Walker Dairy.

Sussex Brie

a sweet supple full flavoured cheese matured for 60 days by the Alsop and Walker Dairy in Mayfield East Sussex.

Sussex Camembert

an earthy tasting cheese with a natural white edible rind. mild becoming softer and stronger as it ages.

Sussex Cheddar

formally known as Tremains Organic Cheddar, is made using the organic cows’ milk from the High Weald Dairy’. It is matured for up to 5 months and has a medium… read more →

Sussex Crumble

A creamy tasting cheese with slight citrus undertones and a hint of nut, in a natural edible rind. Sussex Crumble is a cow’s milk cheese that is matured for 19-20… read more →

Sussex Farmhouse

A semi-hard cheese made in Mayfield, with a creamy, sweet and nutty flavour.

Sussex Marble

A continental style, semi soft creamy cheese derived from Saint Giles, infused with Garlic and Herbs.


One of the oldest soft cheeses produced every autumn and winter. It has a relatively mild fruity flavour with a strong smell.

Tilly Whim

named after the Dorset caves this smooth textured semi soft cheese is ripened for 6-10 weeks and is encased in a natural rind. It is made using un-pasteurized milk and… read more →


a Welsh cheddar that is blended with chives and Shallots. It has a smooth texture and tangy flavour.

Tomme De Savoie

Thomme de Savoie is a semi-soft, pressed cheese with a pliable and firm texture wiht flavours of grass, nuts and rusticity. Expect some tangy, slight citrus and mushroom notes underlined… read more →

Torta Docelatte

Layers of Marscapone and Dolcelatte that give this cheese a rich creamy taste.


an extra soft cheese made in the Swiss Alps. It has a full flavour with a slightly nutty taste and can only be purchased between October to April due to… read more →

Vacherousse D’Argental

A very smooth, creamy cheese with a clotted cream texture and a lively flavour that is made from fresh cow’s milk. The rind is washed in brine and annatto then… read more →

Vergeer Young Gouda

A mild variety of gouda, with a smooth buttery taste that is perfect for children.


a high fat triple creamed French cheese, it has an intense creamy, light, rich, buttery texture with a slightly lemony taste.

Village Green

a cheddar style goat’s cheese with a sweet nutty flavour that grows with age. It is made in Cheshire and encased in a green wax.

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