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A Selection of Our Cheeses


a small delicate goat’s cheese log that is coated in herbs or spices or left plain for a light goat flavour.


A handcrafted hard cheese that is wrapped in muslin cheese cloth, it has a mild fresh clean flavour with a honeyed aftertaste, and a crumbly flaky texture.

Wenslydale Cranberry

A historic fresh cow’s cheese mixed with the sweetness of dried cranberries to give a well balanced cheese perfect for Christmas.


a combination of a Red Leicester and cream cheese with garlic and herbs styled in a distinctive whirl shape.


a wonderful cheddar style cheese made in Kent using cow’s milk. It has a medium flavour and crumbly texture.


a semi hard cheese similar to wensleydale that is wrapped in stinging nettles to add an extra twist to the flavour. It gets inspiration for its name from the Gray… read more →


a mature cheddar style cheese with mustard seed and real ale from Abergavenny. It has a creamy and full flavour and is ideal addition to a ploughman’s.


a hard pressed goats cheese that is matured for 2 months by the nut knowle dairy in East Sussex. It has a moist crumbly texture with a distinct goat flavour.

Yorkshire Blue

a 8 week matured blue cheese that has a buttery, sweet flavour when it is young, that develops into a strong creamy blue flavour as it ages.

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