Hepworth & Co Brewers

Hepworth & Co Brewers

Come in and try our new selection of Sussex Ales’ from Hepworth & Co Brewers of Horsham, West Sussex.


BLONDEBlonde Organic Lager:

A pure organic blonde beer from organic produce, with no additives or preservatioves.

The Organically grown hops deliver a floral note to the brew, and the purity of flavour is protected by meticulois cold filtration. this is a olong powerful brew with a firm body and luxuriant head.[/div][div]

CONQUERORConqueror Sussex Stout:

This is Hepworths latest addition to their bottled beer range. it conbines the character of roasted barley with the toffeeness of the crystal malt and the balancing bitterness of sussex grown Admiral Hops.[/div][div]

OLDClassic Old Ale

Old Ale is a pure and simple classic. While traditional drunk through winter this bottled beer can be enjoyed all year around.

With dark and full roasted malt character that is balenced with luscious sweetness and the bitterness of Admiral Hops. This beer can also be mulled for that winter feel.[/div][div]

PROSPECTProspect Orgainc Pale Ale

A conitioned traditional pale ale with an intriguing bitter note skilfully blended with Sussex grown barley malt to deliver a well balenced natural brew. The organically grown ingredients mature slowly in the bottle to produce traditoinal real ale.[/div][div]

PULLMANPullman Classic Ale

A first class Best Bitter from a first class brewer. Pullman Delivers a first class fresh crisp bite, long on flaovour with a silky finish.[/div][div]

SUSSEXSussex Pale Ale

Sussex is a well hopped traditional pale ale. thirst quenching and traditionally breewed with the finest sussex ingredients: malted arley, Golding and Adrimal Hops. This beer carriers a ‘Warranty of Origin’ to garantee their commintment to creating execellent beers from the highest quality local infredients. [/div]