Mr Singh’s Chilli Sauces

Mr Singh’s Chilli Sauces

New to Cloughs!

Mr Singh’s has created the perfect chilli sauce for any BBQ or Marinade.

Mr Singh’s Story

Starting in an east end Kitchen in 1985, mr Singh stirred up his first batch of Special Chilli Sauce for his fiery family. Inspired by the bustle and buzz of London nd deep flavours of his spiritual home of Punjab, Popa Singh’s sauce soon became the talk of the dinner table from Manor pPrk to Mayfair. Whatever the dish, a drop or two of his cherished chilli creation is garanteed to kick start tastebuds and get people doing what the family loves best, having fun…

The Range At Clough’s

Mr Singh’s Hot Punjabi Chili Sauce. From a great dip to a mighty marinade this sauce is the perfect accomponyment to any meal.

Mr Singh’s Punjabi Pesto. A wonderful cooking paste or Spread.

Mr Singh’s BBQ Chilli Sauce. A super hot dip or a brilliant BBQ sauce.